Climate Change

” Loving the natural environment comes with a sense of trepidation and sorrow for me. When I consider the remarkable places I’ve been privileged to visit, I fear for their future. We are already harming these landscapes and their inhabitants: from local level littering and recreation, to broad scale deforestation and mining, to global warming and ocean pollution: the future is grim. One broad area of concern for many of us is climate change. Glaciers are receding, ice sheets are melting, sea levels are rising and carbon-rich old growth forests are being felled. The impact of such change is yet to be fully understood.

But what we do know is that we (individuals, groups, organizations, governments, businesses and corporations) can all do our part to minimize the effects of climate change. I am on assignment to use my representations of nature to evoke dialogue about the emotional and spiritual impact of climate change. How do we feel about how nature is responding to climate change? Do we feel immobilized? Are our concerns being listened to? Do we have hope? My latest project, ‘Celestial Archipelagos’ engages this dialogue by using photographs of places on islands. The intention is to evoke, in the viewer, emotional responses to my photographic representations and to expressions of my experience of place, climate and landscape.”