evanesce (previously titled Celestial Archipelagos) involves creating photographic art in response to the night skies and
to skies in the twilight hours of islands in the high latitudes of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

This work will be exhibited at the Sidespace Gallery, Salamanca, Tasmania from 2nd-14th December 2016. Official opening 3pm Sunday 4th December. See Facebook page for latest details or sign up for the newsletter.


“…to develop imagery that portrays a sense of place…. express the emotional, physical and spiritual experience of my surroundings…. evoke in the viewer a sense of, for example, extremity, solitariness, vulnerability and beauty… represent the environmental issues facing islands globally. In particular, the impact of rising sea levels due to polar ice-melts as the planet warms due to human influence. I am interested in exploring and representing how the sea currents and impending impact of climate change affects the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of island inhabitants and artists, including myself”


Celestial Listening is a patient observation of the night sky.


“…to embrace the theme of light in micro and macro landscapes. Production and exhibition of a selection of star-scapes, light paintings, aurora australis captures, and close-up photographs. Collaboration via soundtrack with Andrea Breen. The imagery represented a re-discovery of the night sky, “holding the light” as a response to the suffering of people and places, and the solace in wild places and living in a city. “